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Aristotle s Theory Of Moral Virtue - 1269 Words

In books one and two of the Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle lays a foundation for and explains reasoning behind his theory of moral virtue. Aristotle does this to give understanding of what it means to be morally virtuous, and how to achieve it. I believe Aristotle’s theory, in the face of objections regarding the relativity of virtue, is sufficient to achieve an understanding to what it means to be morally virtuous and how to act in a morally virtuous manner. Aristotle uses book one of the Nicomachean Ethics to layout the foundational frame work from which he arrive at his theory of moral virtue. He begins by focusing on human activity, noting that all action is directed at something other than itself. He focuses on how each activity a†¦show more content†¦Rather, the value of an action is dependent on the goal; an action is morally good if it brings us closer to the goal of being humans. To be good, is to complete your action well, and the action which distinguishes humans from animals is the ability to reason; therefore happiness is an activity of a rational being which follows and acts in accordance with virtue. Aristotle divides the soul into two portions: the irrational and rational soul. The irrational soul is comprised of two aspects, the vegetative and appetitive. The irrational soul focuses on nutrition and growth of the being, along with governing urges without regards to virtuousness, and the rational soul controls the urges produced by the irrational soul. It is the rational faculty which provides the ability to assess and determine which urges to follow that were produces in the irrational soul. Aristotle uses this framework from book one in book two to further discuss moral virtue in book two of the Nicomachean Ethics. Just as there are two types of ends and soul, there are two kinds of virtue: intellectual and moral. Intellectual virtue is that which is taught over an extended period of time. In contrast, moral virtue is that which is learned and obtained through habit. The key difference between the types of virtue is the requirement of using extended rational to conclude and obtain

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Police And Criminal Justice Initiatives - 966 Words

The field of police work is a complex discipline. It is assuredly not as simple as â€Å"catch the bad guys.† Policing and criminal justice as a whole have come a long way in their slightly less than two century history. And yet, comparatively speaking, it is still considered a relatively new field, one that continues to grow, stretch, and change. Despite the fact that large volumes of research have been done studying varying aspects of police work, there still exists massive gaps in solutions to issues facing the police and criminal justice initiatives. David H. Bayley, in the first chapter of Police for the Future (1994), provides a compelling argument disbanding the belief that police prevent crime. This was, in 1994 and still today, a very relevant topic for research as crime certainly exists and the majority of people, I would guess, would rather be protected from it that a victim of it. However, the studies Bayley researched show a disturbing trend: despite the ov erall number of officers, despite the population, despite the ratio of officers to number of crimes, despite police strategies, even despite arrests made – crime rates were not affected by any of these factors (p. 3-7). Bayley does point out that the primary studies these conclusions are based upon were undertaken in the 1970s – 20 years or more before Bayley’s publication (p. 9). Relatedly, Hoover (2005) corroborates this distinction of the 1970’s as the era where studies continually showed the failureShow MoreRelatedCommunity Justice Models1416 Words   |  6 Pagescommunity justice models; involvement, partnership, mobilization and intermediary model. I expanded on the neighborhood watch since it is a perfect example of the mobilization model. In addition, I vouched for the involvement model as being the most effective approach to community justice strategies. In community justice several approaches have been made in order to help members of the community and the justice systems develop a critical understanding of some of the variation in community justice activityRead MoreConflict Analysis : Mexico And Central America1687 Words   |  7 Pages In this paper, I will focus on Policy Issues through Conflict Analysis in Latin America. First, I will talk about the differences and critiques in the Merida Initiative: Mexico and Central America. Then, I will focus on â€Å"Drug War†: Lenses, Frames, and â€Å"Seeing† Solutions. I will then talk about, â€Å"conflict analysis ¬Ã‚ ¬Ã‚ ¬Ã‚ ¬, a lens for viewing conflict that brings into focus a multilevel, integrative diagnosis of the violence in Mexico and supports recent evolutions in Plan Merida toward a more holisticRead MoreMinority Minorities And The Juvenile Justice System900 Words   |  4 PagesDisproportionate Minority Contact Minority children are exposed to the juvenile justice system at a higher percentage than their white peers. Minority children are over represented at every level of the judicial process. Minority children are more likely to be charged, detained, and confined. The proportion of minorities increases as each level becomes more restrictive. Research also indicates that minority children receive harsher treatment than Caucasian children do. Minority children are moreRead MoreThe Importance Of Statistics In Policy Support739 Words   |  3 PagesStatistics in Policy Support Statistical data is very important to the field of Criminal Justice because before the accounting of police data, police work was largely reactionary instead of today’s prevention driven policies. Information gleaned from crime data not only gives a picture of how crime is increasing or reducing in specific areas; it helps law enforcement prepare plans of action to combat crime in specific areas. Sources such as the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS), whichRead MoreHistory Of Police. The United States’ Early Policing Was1265 Words   |  6 PagesHistory of Police The United States’ early policing was rooted in the ancient system of British common law (Reppetto, 2010). The system depended heavily on watch groups and citizen volunteers. The U.S. has taken up a lot of initiatives to reform its system of policing since the 1960s. President Lyndon Johnson played an integral part to facilitate early reforms to policing. The primary functions of police in the US include law enforcement, protection of property, and limiting of civil disorder. PoliceRead MorePolicing Perspective: Theory and Application679 Words   |  3 Pagesparticular social functions that makes it a necessity in any given social order. As a fundamental aspect of social order, policing can be conducted by various processes and institutional arrangements or plans. In most cases, policing is carried out by the police, which is a state-organized specialist organization. Due to its incorporation of social functions and use for social order, the concept of policing is regarded m ore as a social idea that is similar to the general idea of social control. However, thisRead MoreThe Concepts Of A New Criminal Justice System1695 Words   |  7 Pageswill examine the concepts of a new criminal justice. It will also discuss why the concept requires the involvement of the entire community and why it may be difficult to implement. There will also be information on programs that promote safe neighborhoods and why communities may like and dislike these different programs. A new criminal justice is a theory that has been talked about for plenty of years now. In many cases this theory is to improve the criminal justice system and make it better for notRead More History and Effectiveness of Victim Rights Legislation and Programs1536 Words   |  7 PagesVictim’s Rights Policy All the components of the criminal justice have the same goal in mind: preventing and fighting crime. Preventing and fighting crime also includes providing services for the victims of the crimes. Although the main focus on the criminal justice system is to arrest, prosecute and rehabilitate the criminal, many forget to focus on the victim. The National Organization for Victims Assistance was found in 1975 and is the oldest national group providing assistance to victims ofRead MoreOrganizational Management and Operations Paper1316 Words   |  6 PagesApril 27, 2015 Organizational Management and Operations Paper While the criminal justice system can be viewed as on whole entity, there are different levels of organization. Within these different organizational levels comes varying degrees of functionality. The three organizational levels include local, state, and federal police functions. Each of which are responsible for certain aspects pertaining to the criminal justice organization. As the organizational levels progress, the functionality andRead MoreCrime Prevention1330 Words   |  6 Pagesprevention are criminal events, criminal offenders, amount of harm, reduction of risk factors, and the increase of protective factors. The goal of the Criminal Justice System is to deter crime by the apprehension and incarceration of those who commit crimes and imposing the threat of serious sanctions. Crime prevention is the focus of the Criminal Justice System. Steven P. Lab of the Justice Quarterly (2004) states that some of the components of crime prevention include the police, court system

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Health and Care Clinical and Personal Recovery

Question: Discuss about theHealth and Carefor Clinical and Personal Recovery. Answer: Recovery refers to the return in the normal state of life and gets back the strength physically and mentally. In such circumstances, the patient can develop the new meaning and purpose of life (Bird et al., 2014). This can help the patient to recover his or her problems. The recovery from the mental health illness provides motivation to the patient to get a better life in future. In the case stories, it is seen that Janet is suffering from depression and had some mental health issues that needed to be resolved. In the version one, the traditional mental health service is shown where as in the version two the personal recovery system is shown. McGarry and Kent (2016) mentioned that recovery helps to regain the self-belief and help to manage the lives. Moreover, it provides supportive relationship and satisfaction. The assignment focuses on the recovery principles to check the efficiency of the recovery system and influence of it on a patient. The difference in between the clinical rec overy and personal recovery is discussed. From the perspective of the particular with the mental illness, the recovery refers to the gaining of hope with the retention of hope and understanding of the abilities and the disabilities of the individuals. This helps the individuals to engage themselves in active life, social identity, and personal autonomy and helps to understand the purpose of life with a positive sense of life. There are various recovery principles for the mental health practice: Uniqueness of individual- it is necessary to recognize that recovery is not all about the cure rather it is about the better lifestyle. Recovery is the satisfaction and gets a purpose of life. Recovery is being a valuable member of the community (Gureje et al., 2015). This principle helps to empower the person so that they can recognize the care, which they receive. Real choices- the real choices help to support the individuals so that they can make choice of life that is how they want to live their life and acknowledge the choices creatively. This ensures the balance in between the duty of care and support to the individual so that they can get new opportunities and make their own choice (Smith et al., 2016). Attitudes and rights- attitude and rights include the involvement of learning from, listening to and action upon the communication from particulars and caregivers. This principle will promote as well as protect the legal human rights and citizenship of the individual (Hiday Moloney, 2014). Dignity and respect- it helps to provide the dignity and respect to the patient so that it can start the life in a new way. This principle helps to support the individuals so that they can maintain and improve the social, occupational, vocational, and recreational activities. Belsher et al. (2016) mentioned that the recovery principle challengers the discrimination and stigma of the community. This involves the sensitivity and respect for others. Partnership and communication- this principle acknowledges the individuals, which involves the working in partnership in between the caregiver and participants. This provides support to the individuals. This principle helps to know about the importance of value and information sharing, which helps the individual to participate in an effective communication (Kidd, Kenny McKinstry, 2015). Evaluating recovery- recover oriented health practice ensures and makes enable to evaluate the recovery base practice. This helps the individual to track his or her own progress. These principles provide opportunities develop the relationship with family members as well as social relationship with the health outcomes (Lanata et al., 2015). Clinical recovery is the idea, which the mental health care expertise emerge and involve to get rid of the symptoms, social functioning and restoring to get back in the normal life. The traditional mental health services ignore the recovery principles. The people, who work in the traditional mental health sectors, cannot understand the recovery principles and the way to implement those principles. From the story of Janet, the issues of traditional mental health are clear. She visited the GP, who suggested her to meet the mental health service (YouTube., 2014). However, she did not get the help of mental health service. She tried to get the help of crisis team, who did not help her properly and made her more depressed. After the six years, she got totally depressed and home sick. She put on weight and became lazy who live her life on foods and sleep. Personal recovery refers to the unique process that helps to change the attitude, value, goals and roles (, 2010). This provides supports to the individuals and gains the belief of individuals. In this story, it is seen that Janet gave an online test from which she came to know that she is depressed. She contacted with personal recovery center, where she met with Lisa, who became the mentor of Janet. Janet started to feel good and shared her feelings and incidents with her. Lisa helped her very much so that Janet can get rid of her depression and spent a normal lifestyle. Whenever Janet felt like suicidal, Lisa helped her to calm down. Lisa sent her to a peer run crisis house, where Janet felt safe and happy. In the crisis house, Janet met with Helen, who helped her to get rid of the incident of sexual abuse. The stories are about a girl of 19 years old. In the first story, it is shown that how the traditional mental health discouraged her and she became depressed and overweight. In the second story it is shown that the personal mental health motivated her to get rid of depression and start a new life to get a successful career in future. From both the stories, the different perspective and mentality of people will be clear that influence the progress of a treatment (Travis, 2014). In such circumstances, Grob (2014) mentioned that the behavior of the individuals can help the patient to overcome the problem or get more depressed. Janet is only nineteen years old girl, who had passed through various bad experiences. She could not share those experiences with others. She is distressed and depressed. At the age in between 10 to 15, she faced sexual harassment, which she could not share with family members or others. In the first story, in case of traditional care, she felt feared and more depressed. People ignored her and tried to humiliate (OHagan, 2014). On the other hand, in the second story, in case of personal recovery, in the peer run crisis house, Janet felt happy and participated in various activities. Helen, the mentor of the peer house helped Janet and inspired her to get back in the normal lifestyle. From the discussion, the efficiency of the personal recovery is seen. Sometimes, Janet gets afraid and hears some voice, which influences her to commit suicide. In the first scenario, no one tried to understand the problems of Janet and as a result, Janet could not share her feelings with anyone. This made her more depressed. In the second scenario, whenever Janet felt to commit suicide, Helen or Lisa tried to calm down her by rubbing her back and encouraged her so that she can overcome the situation (OHagan, 2014). In every cases, the difference between the traditional mental health and the personal recovery. In the first story, whenever, Janet asked her doctor to reduce the dosage of drugs, her doctor replied that those dosages are necessary for her recovery. Her doctor said that if the dosage are reduced, she cannot survive. However, those high dosages of drugs make her feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. In the same context, the second story showed different result. After few days of medication, when Janet asked Lisa that she felt uneasy due to the high dosage of drugs, Lisa became happy. The main reason of Lisas happiness is that this is the sign of recovery. She reduced the dosage of drugs that provided relief to Janet. Lisa behaved very friendly with Janet that makes her feel happy. In the first story, Janet felt very uncomfortable and alone in the care home as no one communicates with her (OHagan, 2014). In the second story, people encouraged Janet so that she can get rid of her problems and get back to the normal lifestyle. She could participate in various activities like drawing a nd go for the long walks. In the first story, traditional mental health caregivers locked Janet in a room for several days, where Janet felt lonely and afraid in the locked room. She wanted to go outside but no one allowed her. However, in the second story, Janet was allowed to go outside the house but every time one caregiver went with her so that Janet may not feel alone or vulnerable (OHagan, 2014). Therefore, from this discussion it is clear that there is a lots of differenced in between two types of recovery system. Based on the above discussion, it can be said that personal recovery provides better outcome than the traditional mental health care. Moreover, the personal mental health care maintains the recovery principles and care about the people who suffers from the mental health illness like depression. The mental health care providers need to be polite with the patient so that they can share concerns with the professional and get over their problems quickly. This helps the individuals to engage themselves in active life, social identity, and personal autonomy and helps to understand the purpose of life with a positive sense of life. This involves the sensitivity and respect for others. This provides support to the individuals. These principles provide opportunities develop the relationship with family members as well as social relationship with the health outcomes. This principle will promote as well as protect the legal human rights and citizenship of the individual. This principle helps to empower the person so that they can recognize the care, which they receive. References Belsher, B. E., Jaycox, L. H., Freed, M. C., Evatt, D. P., Liu, X., Novak, L. A., ... Engel, C. C. (2016). Mental Health Utilization Patterns During a Stepped, Collaborative Care Effectiveness Trial for PTSD and Depression in the Military Health System.Medical care,54(7), 706-713. Bird, V., Leamy, M., Tew, J., Le Boutillier, C., Williams, J., Slade, M. (2014). Fit for purpose? Validation of a conceptual framework for personal recovery with current mental health consumers.Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 0004867413520046. Grob, G. N. (2014).From asylum to community: Mental health policy in modern America. Princeton University Press. Gureje, O., Nortje, G., Makanjuola, V., Oladeji, B. D., Seedat, S., Jenkins, R. (2015). The role of global traditional and complementary systems of medicine in the treatment of mental health disorders.The Lancet Psychiatry,2(2), 168-177., (2010). [online] Available at:$File/servpri.pdf [Accessed 25 Apr. 2017]. Hiday, V. A., Moloney, M. E. (2014). Mental illness and the criminal justice system.The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Health, Illness, Behavior, and Society. Kidd, S., Kenny, A., McKinstry, C. (2015). The meaning of recovery in a regional mental health service: an action research study.Journal of advanced nursing,71(1), 181-192. Lanata, A., Valenza, G., Nardelli, M., Gentili, C., Scilingo, E. P. (2015). Complexity index from a personalized wearable monitoring system for assessing remission in mental health.IEEE Journal of Biomedical and health Informatics,19(1), 132-139. McGarry, D., Kent, K. (2016). Mental health issues of a psychotic nature.Chronic Care Nursing: A Framework for Practice, 143. OHagan, Mary (2014): Madness Made Me New Zealand: Open Box Press Travis, C. B. (2014).Women and Health Psychology: Volume I: Mental Health Issues. Psychology Press. Smith, J. C., Hyman, S. M., Andres-Hyman, R. C., Ruiz, J. J., Davidson, L. (2016). Applying recovery principles to the treatment of trauma.Professional Psychology: Research and Practice,47(5), 347. YouTube. (2014). Mary O'Hagan shares her memoir, Madness Made Me. [online] Available at: [Accessed 26 Apr. 2017].

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Business Ethics †Profit vs. Csr Essay Sample free essay sample

In today’s globalised universe where free market economic systems are the driving force behind companies changeless chase of maximization of net incomes. at that place seems to be a clear shortage of societal values and committedness to functioning society. This essay will turn the visible radiation on how concern organisations’ ultimate purpose is to bring forth net incomes and CSR activities are secondary if non frequently ignored. The essay takes the place that CSR enterprises are late being acknowledged as non merely good to society but every bit good to concern over the long term. The enticement of speedy net incomes has now provably ache the credibleness of large concerns with black effects for concern every bit good as society. In short. concern ends must progressively see the involvement of all stakeholders as every bit of import if society’s religion in market capitalist economy is non to be wholly forfeited. We will write a custom essay sample on Business Ethics – Profit vs. Csr Essay Sample or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Hence in this essay I will reason in favor of CSR enterprises and how companies today can non last without carry throughing certain duties they have towards society. Now. let’s Begin by understanding the point of position of celebrated American economic expert Milton Friedman. he believed that maximization of net income is the cardinal drivers or cardinal premises in a free market economic system and that corporate executives were employees of the proprietors of the concern and that their societal duty is towards the stockholders of the company and maximising stockholders value. In short. he argued that the societal duty of any concern was to bring forth net incomes as more net incomes would take to higher dividends or capital grasp. ( Milton Friedman. The New York Times Magazine. 13th September. 1970 ) Let’s take a expression at one of the largest instances of bankruptcy that sparked off the worst fiscal crisis in America and universe over. The Lehman Brothers bankruptcy instance brought the full universe to a deadlock. the company dragged the full universe into a fiscal crisis with over 26000 employees losing occupations and 10000 00s of investors lost about all their money and all this happened because Lehman Brothers had borrowed immense amounts of money to fund their assorted investings and in the procedure were exaggerating the net incomes in their balance sheets. ( CBS News. CBS Interactive Inc. 22nd April. 2012 ) Hence. in my position Milton Friedman’s statement on maximization of net income being the exclusive duty of a concern needs a serious rethinking as the ‘Lehman Brothers moment’ non merely led to a immense fiscal prostration but besides dragged the United States into a recession. So looking at it from the point of position of a concern endeavor. the ethical quandary would be whether to make maximal net incomes for stockholders as they a company’s concluding duty is towards them or to strike a balance between net income coevals every bit good as transporting out societal duties maintaining in head the society at big. However. transporting out CSR activities can take to several benefits for a company and encompassing such activities can assist their concern in assorted ways. Let’s have a expression at some of the benefits arsing from CSR enterprises: †¢Brand differentiation? companies set abouting CSR enterprises tend to happen their ain alone manner of positioning their trade name and a opportunity to distinguish themselves from other trade names. nevertheless in the instance of Coke and Pepsi. both adopted they ain attacks to CSR by following a scheme of zero net H2O use and bring forthing bottles made out of sustainable packaging. Though in their instance since both companies are rehearsing similar CSR activities they may happen it difficult to distinguish their trade names though in the long tally they would be prosecuting CSR activities truly instead than merely from the point of position of publicity. †¢Engaging the customer? Companies today. prosecute CSR activities in order to prosecute consumers and do them cognizant about certain environmental jeopardies and how they need to do the right picks while purchasing merchandises. Hence. by making so they are utilizing the power of advertisement to advance their CSR activities and make an image of a socially responsible trade name in the eyes of consumers. An illustration of such a company is Walmart that created ad runs that were built around making. consciousness about the environment and merchandise picks consumers should be doing †¢Cost savings? cutting down costs of production is one of the ways by which companies can get down their journey in sustainability that is by either using less packaging or less energy. A CSR study in 2011 suggests that General Mills saved up to $ 600. 000 by put ining energy supervising metres on several equipment pieces. ( James Epstein-Reeves. Forbes. 21st February. 2012 ) Thus the above mentioned points are clear illustrations of companies that have benefited from CSR activities and in bend have given to society in a certain manner. These illustrations are clear indexs of the fact that a company does non necessitate to hold merely one intent and that is profit maximization. as by prosecuting CSR enterprises they are non merely doing net incomes but are capitalising on a batch of other facets such as good will. improved trade name image and a wider pool of clients in the procedure. In a manner one can use the useful attack to companies prosecuting CSR activities. Utilitarian ism suggests that determinations refering to a concern are proper merely if those determinations create the greatest good for the greatest figure of persons ( EBEN Research Conference. Dublin. 8th – 10th June 2012 ) hence when companies indulge in CSR enterprises where they are either sensitive to the environment or indulge in activities that help in the upliftment of the weaker subdivisions of society they are in bend making the maximal good. Use of CSR in Marketing In the universe of marketing where a legion trade names exist in a given class. companies find it highly difficult to distinguish themselves from their rivals and therefore today companies have started utilizing CSR enterprises as manner to advance themselves and place themselves as a more sustainable or environment friendly trade name. Consumers today are going more and more witting about the assorted environmental jeopardies and with the media scanning each and every move of good known trade names. consumers are easy updated on the latest intelligence about companies and therefore nil remains hidden from them. Hence. in such a state of affairs companies use their advertisement and selling attempts to advance all their CSR activities so as to make a certain image in the heads of the consumers. In my position. many times companies end up working these CSR enterprises by utilizing them as a tool to carry through their selling demands. In Decision However. in order to be socially responsible companies need to truly prosecute CSR activities and non utilize them to leverage their ego involvements. Companies should utilize advertisement to do consumers more witting about their environment and the importance of conserving resources. Companies could besides utilize their selling attempts to edify clients on how their patterns in development of merchandises are sustainable and how the company is highly witting about doing optimal use of resources without over working them. In an ideal state of affairs. this is how companies should transform their selling activities so as to project an image of beingsocially responsible. Bibliography †¢http: //www. Colorado. edu/studentgroups/libertarians/issues/friedman-soc-resp-business. html †¢http: //www. cbsnews. com/8301-18560_162-57417397/the-case-against-lehman-brothers/ †¢http: //www. forbes. com/sites/csr/2012/02/21/six-reasons-companies-should-embrace-csr/ †¢http: //ebeni. wordpress. com/decisions/theories/consequences/utiliarianism/

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Compelling Topics for Research Papers

Compelling Topics for Research Papers Compelling Topics for Research Papers Finding a compelling topic for your research paper is a step by step process; dont rush and reap the rewards Call in Ontario for assistance. Challenge and Engage The best thing to do is choose a topic that interests and challenges you simultaneously. It shouldn’t be something that’s too difficult to handle; dont bite off more than you can chew. The topic should be thought provoking and grab the readers interest immediately. Next, consider the scope of the essay. If the topic you choose is too narrow, it may be difficult to find research material. If the topic is too broad, it runs the risk of seeming too boring for the reader. Research, Research Do plenty of investigation on the topic. At this stage you’ll discover how compelling the topic truly can be, and save time if you decide to scrap it for a better idea. If you have a general idea in mind, research anything that could be associated with it to learn more and create an interesting essay. For example, if you choose to write about farming, consider other topics such as free trade agreements, weather patterns, transportation, and fertilizers. What’s the Angle? Choosing a topic almost always involves choosing an â€Å"angle.† Ask yourself, â€Å"What am I trying to prove with this essay?† Take into account historical, geographical, and sociological factors. This will help clarify your topic and its focus. Your topic may require final approval from the professor or teacher. Make sure you meet all established guidelines before proceeding with more writing and research. If you need help can make sure you finish your project on time. Please give us a

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Factors that Motive and Demotivate Young Males in the U.K. to Purchase Dissertation

Factors that Motive and Demotivate Young Males in the U.K. to Purchase Luxury Clothes Online - Dissertation Example The growth of the luxury market is attributed mainly to the emotional attachments consumers have with certain luxury brands. The growth has particularly been witnessed in the luxury clothing market that has experienced rising sales volumes. Online shopping which involves buying of goods or services directly over the Internet has grown in popularity over the past couple of years. The growing popularity of online stores or electronic shops is evident in the fact that they have increased in number. While there are countless online stores, a few of the popular ones include eBay and Online shopping has several advantages to shoppers and marketers alike. Their main advantage is their convenience and capacity to link buyers and sellers who are separated by great distance. 1.2 Statement of the Problem The number of people performing online shopping in the U.K. and indeed across the globe is rising by the day. While this is a general trend, there are people who do not like to enga ge in online shopping for various reasons or as a result of various barriers. Young males in the U.K. love to own luxury clothes, especially if finance is not a limiting factor. While some of the males prefer to purchase luxury clothes online, a significant portion of the population would rather go to brick and mortar shops to make similar purchases. This study is dedicated to establishing the factors that motivate and demotivate young males in the UK to purchase or avoid purchasing luxury clothing online. This study is necessary since there is no such study that has been conducted in the U.K. before.The study will therefore fill the knowledge gap that currently exists in this respect. 1.3 Research... Traditionally, people have been used to purchasing products directly from physical stores. This method demands the physical presence of consumers at the store when selecting the products. However, the trend has changed tremendously over the last few decades because of technological advancements. According to Hasan, the developments witnessed in new media technologies ranging from the Internet, CD-ROMS, interactive kiosks, to digital TV and radio have ushered in a new era. The new media have not only changed marketing communication but have also influenced consumers’ behavior. Hasan argues that the advent of new technologies such as theInternet has changed the way consumers behave.According to Arens, online shopping enables consumers to place orders by giving a description of the product or service over the Internet. Once the order is received, the product is delivered to the consumer at the closest point of collection. Apart from offering consumers, a better way of viewing pro ducts and services offered at the store, it also builds a close relationship between consumers and marketers.